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Directed by:

Bobby Zaccano

Audition Dates:

Sunday, August 22, and Monday, August 23, at 7:00 p.m.


October 15, 16, 21, 22, 23, 28, 29, 30 | 8:00 PM
October 24, 31  |  2:30 PM  Sunday Matinee

Synopsis & Characters:

The Little Theatre of Mechanicsburg will be presenting the second show of the 2021-2022 season, the drama FRANKENSTEIN: THE RADIO PLAY by Phillip Grecian, adapted from the novel by Mary Wollstencraft Shelley.  This show is directed by Bobby Zaccano and will be presented October 15-31, 2021.  Auditions for this show will consist of cold read, and will be held at the theatre on South York Street in Mechanicsburg on August 22nd and 23rd at 7 pm.  Full address and directions can be found at

As stated, this is a radio adaptation of the Frankenstein story.  As such, the show will be set in a radio studio in the 1930’s.  Costuming and blocking will be minimal.  Actors will be cast on their ability to embody the character voices and accents as noted below.  There will be doubling of roles.


  • Victor Frankenstein:  Creator of the monster.  Young man, Swiss accent
  • Baroness Frankenstein:  Mother of Victor.  Older female, Swiss/German accent
  • Henry Clerval:  Victor’s best friend.  Young man, Scottish accent
    • The same actor will play CREWMAN (English accent) and MAN 2 (German accent)
  • Justine Moritz:  Catherine’s governess.  Older female, Swiss/German accent
  • Captain Robert Walton:  Captain of a ship seeking the Northwest passage.  Older man, English accent
    • The same actor will play DELACEY (elderly man, English accent), PRISION GUARD (German accent) and PRIEST (German accent)
  • Professor Waldman:  Professor of medicine.  Mentor to Victor and Henry.  Older Male, German accent.
    • The same actor will play CREWMAN (English accent) and MAN 1 (German accent)
  • Catherine Frankenstein:  Sister of Victor.  Teen female, Swiss/German accent
    • The same actor will play BIRGITTA (German accent)
  • Elizabeth:  Victor’s fiancée.  Young female, German accent
  • The Creature:  Victor’s creation. Male, English accent
    • The same actor will play CREWMAN (English accent)
  • Announcer:  The host of the radio drama
    • The same actor will play CREWMAN (English accent)


LTM’s Audition Form.pdf

Auditions will take place at the theatre.

Please be prepared to provide dates on which you will not be available to attend rehearsals.

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